Engineering Procurement and Constructionn
Management Division (EPCM)

epcmFibre-Wound's EPCM division operates as a consulting and project engineering organisation, specializing in turnkey chemical plant engineering projects and related trading operations in international markets. The core staff are former marketers and engineers from Fibre-Wound, wishing to specialise in their particular field of expertise and preferred working environment as an extension to current market potential within the Fibre-Wound Group.


The division offers the chemical and allied industry a reliable, high quality alternative to in-house resources for defining, designing, constructing and operating Plants on an international scale. We are a true alternative to in-house resources; offering a very high level of practical experience, know-how, contacts, alliances and confidentiality. Our clients know that working with us is a more professional, less risky way to develop new business and improve existing ways.

The division maintains financial balance, charging competitive rates for its services, and delivering high value to its clients. Initial focus is the South African market, progressing to Sub-Saharan Africa and globally.

Keys to Success

    • Excellence in fulfilling the promise – completely confidential, reliable, trustworthy expertise
      and information acquired through proven experience.
    • Structured towards the ability to execute smaller projects more cost effectively than the
      bigger project houses where in-house expertise is inadequate.
    • Experience of founders in the corrosion resistance market/business in general.

Executive Summary

Fibre-Wounds' EPCM division differs from other engineering companies in its 'one-stop quality shop' approach to its business, engineering and construction diversity, agility and quick responses are among the qualities that enable us to operate effectively in our sector of the market.

The EPCM division focused initially on creating a unique identity, moving away from being seen as a fabricator of equipment, but rather being a specifier, consultant, designer and general advisor. We have the capability to identify and occupy niche markets by rapidly organising our technical and human resources. We offer the expertise of a high technology company to effectively solve problems and provide long-term solutions to its clients in the most cost effective manner. From the numerous symbiotic relationships that we developed with our clients, we have evolved specialised resources and interlocked expertise that cost effectively meets varied client needs. Incorporated into our philosophy of creating wealth by adding value to materials through sophisticated technology and good service, is a strong commitment to building partnerships. These partnerships are viewed as on-going relationships with our suppliers, consultants, contractors, clients and financiers, as well as the communities and environment in which we operate.

Service Description

     • Turnkey solutions in the chemical industry, including statutory, environmental, engineering, aesthetical and operational aspects.
       Core business includes applications where predominantly non-metallic and related materials are used in the manufacture of equipment.
     • Environmental projects in gas cleaning, effluent handling and processing, dust elimination and personnel protection from biological exposure.
     • Representation for overseas providers of technology where predominantly non-metallic and corrosion resistant materials are used in plant
       construction. Alliances are formed with local and foreign organisations with the same culture and quality outlook.
     • Providing design, engineering and drawing services to the GRP industry.
     • The division is structured with the required expertise to provide the right solution first time.
     • Structuring of joint ventures and networking relative to specific projects, and controlling the specifications, QA, construction management,
        integration, communication and liaison aspects.
     • Executing construction operations for owners of technology without construction expertise.
     • IT solutions.
     • Building, operating and transferring projects.

Competitive Comparison

Competition comes in several forms: most significant competition is clients with no consulting/ outsourcing at all, and companies who choose to do project management work inhouse. Our advantage is that most project managers are already overloaded with work. We can approach alliances, vendors and 'opposition' in a way that clients can't, and in so doing structure the most efficient approach to specific projects.

International markets

We strive to provide a competitive solution within a global environment.

Future outlook

We are excited about the future and we anticipate future growth through innovation and entrepreneurship. The Fibre-Wound EPCM division will continue to seek opportunities, and in so doing create viable alliances and partnerships with organisations thinking alike.